eBUS Ad Campaign 2

The people at eBUS.tv, one of Australia’s leading TV commercial distribution companies, needed an advertising campaign that was going to be used in mUmBRELLA, across the printed publication and the iPad version. We came up with the simple text driven campaign that provided some white space (and some breathing room for the reader!) in a […]

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Diiigy Freshen up

Our friends over at diiigy.com were thinking they were in need of a little brand freshening up, so we were happy to help. Considering they’re social media experst, we took what they had originally and tried to put a social spin on it. We’re happy with how it turned out, and so are the guys at […]

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Pepsi Next

Look out for it  – it’s a new beverage from the Pepsi people. Over this last weekend was a facebook launch giving 200 lucky people the chance to be the first to taste the sugar-free goodness. The campaign had a short window of 4 hours… and relied on the like/share functions to get it out […]

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a handsome photo shoot : fatd website

We’re currently working on the new F.A.T.D (Federal Association of Teachers of Dancing) site and our approach to the site’s design required some large visuals. We could’ve gone down the stock photo route but were presented with a fantastic opportunity to photograph  students during practice. We thought we’d share a couple of photos. A BIG […]

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