We’re now official!

Today we received our business cards! A little later than expected but in our defence our first printer couldn’t deliver the result we were after. Colours faded and varied from card to card and there were blemishes on both sides. Having found another printer who we hadn’t used before we took a risk and we’re […]

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Cause sharing is caring…

Our site has been up for almost 2 weeks and we were just checking the visits through Google Analytics. Just thought we’d share some of the stats with you. It was good to see that our site has been viewed through a number of different browsers… 1. Safari 40.38% 2. Chrome 21.45% 3. Mozilla Compatible Agent 14.83% 4. […]

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Introducing the GRID!

Elastic Digital – A pioneering B2B digital agency  got us involved in a launch presentation about their latest service offering. It’s our first foray into a 2d style After Effects animation – it was a bit of work but thoroughly enjoyable.  

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and we’re live in 4..3..2..1

Welcome to our blog! We’re Handsome! A creative duo with over a 20 years (combined) experience in marketing, advertising and design. Be sure to check in here often as we plan to share our thoughts on our work; our methods; our successes and even our not so successes. That and some interesting articles in the […]

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