Australian Thermic Lance Company

Branding, web design, printed collateral

Hundreds of businesses rely on Australian Thermic Lance Company (ATLC) with their ability to hold large stocks of Lances to meet any emergency. ATLC are one of the leading manufactures of Thermic Lances, because of sizes available, accessories, safety practices and efficiency. Because they can deliver thousands of Lances within hours, customers have seen dramatic downtime reductions for many furnaces with molten metal spills.

With 46 years in business, ATLC needed help to update their identity to reflect competitive advantage and market position as manufacturing leaders. With Handsome Creative, ATLC's new bold logo, fresh colour palette and new typography guidelines were brought together and applied to a unique eCommerce website, product information flyers and magazine spread within two months. Upon the new website going live, the SEO score hit a 98% high, and a 97% performance score.

ATLC celebrates 46 Years of successful business.

Taking a simplified graphic of a thermic lance and moulding it with bold lettering allowed Handsome to design a similar logo to the original to be recognisable, but with enough uniqueness to give the brand a fresh new look and feel.

98% SEO score & 97% performance score at website launch.

Australian Thermic Lance SEO score

ATLC modernises its brand to adapt to meet customers' changing needs.

Regardless of how your customers choose to interact with your brand, they should experience consistency across all touchpoints. Not only did Handsome work with ATLC to create a fresh new vibe, but they also applied this across all of their sales resources.

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