Knightsbridge Financial Services SEO Performance UpdateRecently we were able to help Knightbridge Financial Services’ website with a performance update. The overall design of the website was great however after we did a few search engine optimisation tests, we saw a few areas that could be improved. These could then help Knightsbridge Financial Services perform better organically on Google. However we were limited by the setup of the original WordPress site. We replicated the current site with a new build that ensured the page content was more accessible to Google.

We also made a few changes to the navigation of the site to make it more intuitive for visitors. We then went through the site and optimised it to also give it a handy performance boost (who doesn’t want that?). Overall we were able to increase the SEO result of the website from the lows 60s to the high 80s across multiple SEO tests.

Although most of the changes were done under the ‘hood’ (pun intended), they all added up to make a significant improvement for both visitors and search results. You can view their website at

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